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Top Pop Culture Chauffeurs of All Time

Television is filled with silly tropes. These are characters and plotlines that pop up in a number of different television series and movies over the years. There’s the oddball neighbor like Wilson from Home Improvement or Kimmy Gibbler from Full House. Then there are plots like the foreign love interest who falls in love with the translator like on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Friends. One of the best tropes you can find in pop culture is the witty chauffeur. Thye may not drive your limo in Boston but, here are the best witty chauffeurs across pop culture.


Confident chauffeur sitting in elegant automobile.

Morgan Freeman as Hoke Colburn in Driving Miss Daisy

Everybody knows Morgan Freeman. He’s the voice of God after all… well in Bruce Almighty at least. One of Freeman’s breakout roles was as Hoke Colburn in Driving Miss Daisy. He was charismatic and patient in his role as he drove around Jessica Tandy’s Daisy Werthan in this classic.

Hector Elizondo as Joe in The Princess Diaries

This is a newer classic, but still a classic. Hector Elizondo plays the straight-laced and often romantic Joe in The Princess Diaries. While he drives Princess Mia all around San Francisco, he acts like a father figure to her. Maybe more of a grandfather figure, given his pseudo-relationship with Mia’s grandmother, Queen Clarisse of Genovia.

Daniel Davis as Niles in The Nanny

If you were to ever take a limo in Boston, you’d want Niles as your driver. His primary job title was the butler to the Sheffield family of New York City. Daniel Davis and Fran Drescher dazzled the screens of this sitcom with their zany antics and wry sense of humor. However, Davis’s Niles and his rivalry/romance with the bitter CC was what makes him the ideal chauffeur.

Bruce Lee as Kato in The Green Hornet

Bruce Lee: need I say more? He could fight crime and drive a stick. Bruce Lee’s Kato was the muscle behind The Green Hornet team. Lee’s performance as Kato helped make Bruce Lee the household name he is today. That alone makes Kato one of the greatest chauffeurs of all time.

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