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Tips for Creating Your Wedding Day Schedule

You’re getting married! What an exciting time. As a limousine company in New Hampshire, we’ve Black wedding limo with chauffeur waiting in Massachusetts
witnessed hundreds of brides and grooms marry and ride off in one of our vehicles. It’s a breathtaking experience! We have also witnessed the many stresses of a wedding day and suggest creating a wedding day schedule to ease some of these burdens. Here are a few tips we have for these itineraries!

Work with your venue and vendors

Though you have been over the details one hundred times, double-checking all of the smallest items with your vendors and venue can troubleshoot problems before the day-of. Create your timeline based on the information you can gather from the professionals you are working with and what you would like to see done.

Set aside time for you and your future spouse to discuss the details

Communication is a huge part of marriage and what a great place to start. Be sure you’re not only meeting your expectations but your partner’s, as well! Sit down and go over the day-of. They might have input or ideas that you missed, and you both will know what you are anticipating of each other.

Make sure your wedding party is on the same page

Bridesmaids and groomsmen are tons of fun, but setting expectations can take away some of the stress brides and grooms might face otherwise. Explain these items to your wedding party thoroughly. Though it’s rare that a wedding is completely on time, the more prepared your party is, the easier these transitions will be.

 Create handouts to give to those who will need it

It might seem silly, but having these items written down can work wonders! Not only can it prevent confusion from occurring, but it’s ideal for the professionals who you are working with throughout the day. For example, giving this timeline to your limo driver can ensure you are where you need to be on time and without stress.

Fortunately, working with an experienced limo company in NH like A-Executive means we know all the tricks of the trade! Our drivers will work with you to ensure you arrive at your destinations on time for your wedding day safely and in style.

With more questions, please contact us today at (800) 287-2527.

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