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Take a Ride to Your Next Flight

When you need to take a flight, whether it’s for business or vacation, you need to consider not only the flight logistics but also ow to get to the airport. You could drive to the airport yourself, but the traffic won’t make that a smooth ride, especially in New England. The alternative is hiring a car to bring you to your flight.

When you take a ride instead of driving your own car, you don’t need to worry about parking fees. These fees can be very steep—at Boston Logan airport, the rates start at $26 a day. For a week-long trip, this would cost you nearly $200 just for the privilege of leaving your car in a lot! The longer your trip is, the more economical it is to book a ride instead of bringing your vehicle.

If you expect a drive can take hours, then you’ll want to be a passenger instead of a driver so that you can get work done during the ride. This work can be something for your job, or it can be taking care of last minute details for your trip. You can also take the time to relax and put yourself in a good mood for your flight.

Booking a ride can also ensure that you arrive on time, and you’re dropped off right near your terminal. Driving yourself means taking your gas tank and mileage into account, and taking time to fill up if needed. You’ll then have to walk from the parking lot to the terminal, which can eat up valuable time if you’re running late. When you take a ride, you’ll end up where you need to be right on time.

Once you’ve decided that it’s better to book a ride than drive yourself, the next step is choosing a service. You should go with a limo for your ride—not only is it luxurious and comfortable, it’s actually the most economical option. Time Magazine has reported that the area around Boston Logan airport has some of the highest rates in the country for taxi far and ride-sharing fees. If you’re coming from out of the city for your flight, you don’t want surge pricing tacked onto your fare. A limo won’t surprise you with hidden fees—you know what you’re getting upfront.

Contact A-Executive Limo today to learn more about getting a luxurious and comfortable ride to the airport for your next flight. We’re here to make your trip start on the right foot.


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