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Respecting Your Limo Service

Confident chauffeur sitting in elegant automobile.Limousines are an elite form of travel that makes a fun event feel important. There are not many forms of transportation that get you from point A to point B without you having to lift a finger. The luxury of being able to hop in the back of a stretch-limousine with your friends and family while somebody else delivers you in style to your event has very few equals. One thing that can be lost in the excitement can be respect for the vehicle. Unless you own a limo, chances are you’re renting one. Because limos are shared, keep these three things in mind when using a limo service in MA.


Drink Responsibly

One thing limos do is allow you to drink to your heart’s delight. Some companies, like A-Executive Limousine, even allow you to drink in the limo. Of course, there’s the stipulation that everybody must be 21 years of age, but it’s still nice to sip on some champagne on the way to an event. Seeing as limousine travel is ensuring your safety, remember to drink responsibly. Vomit on upholstery is a surefire to go from glamorous to gross in a heartbeat.


Don’t Smoke

While smoking has its own set of risks attached to it, many people still smoke on a regular basis. Just how certain restaurants and public spaces have rules against where you can smoke, so do limousines. Smoking in such a confined space has health risks to the driver and other occupants who don’t smoke. It also leaves a smell that can soak into the interior of the limousine. Some companies, such as A-Executive Limo in MA, have a no-smoking policy to ensure a clean and healthy ride for everyone.


Mind Your Trash

Certain companies, such as A-Executive, give complimentary water and ice to their passengers to provide comfort. Most companies allow passengers to bring their own food and drink into the limo for optimum satisfaction. Even though it’s easy to forget about trash disposal when you’re relaxing and having a good time, always remember to throw things away properly. Fees can occur when gum is left in the carpet.


Limousines are meant to be fun and luxurious. In that fun don’t forget that your limo is probably going to be used by other people at some point. If you wouldn’t leave somebody else’s house worse than you found, please don’t trash somebody else’s ride. For great limo service in MA, as well as town cars and coach bus service, contact A-Executive Limousine at 800-287-2527.

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