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Planning a safe bachelor/bachelorette party can be a challenge.

Limo in Massachusetts from A-ExecutiveThere is nothing more exciting than the anticipation of a wedding. There is so much that needs to be done from deciding on guests and a venue to settling on food and a great limo service. A bachelor/bachelorette party can be a welcomed respite from the hectic pace of wedding planning. A memorable and safe party, however, can be challenging to pull off if not carefully planned.

  • As the impending bride or groom, this party really is all about you. Don’t allow any of your friends or family talk you into an evening in which you will not feel comfortable. Get together with everyone you want to invite and let them know your intensions and desires. Once those are known, the planning can become a bit easier.
  • It is always better to err on the side of conservative and safe. Many a wedding has been called off due to some unwise decisions that were made on the night of such a party. Remember that this is a celebration of your impending wedding and your life together with your beloved. It’s not about “one last fling” or “my final night of freedom”. If this is how you are looking at it, perhaps you need to re-evaluate why you have decided to marry in the first place.
  • In that vein, you and your future spouse need to sit and quietly talk about the upcoming bachelor/bachelorette party. Discuss everything from where you intend to go and what you intend to do. If there are strippers involved in the evening, male or female, that needs to be discussed. If it looks like a night at the bar might turn into a night of drunken debauchery that, too, needs to be discussed. Remember why you decided to marry and don’t forget to have a limo service for the evening. Everyone wants to return safely from the revelry.
  • Plan your event a few weeks ahead of your wedding and it would be wise to choose a safe venue and itinerary. Peer pressure may be strong with regard to indulging in certain activities and a wise man or woman will resist it. Just gently remind your friends that the night is about you and about celebrating the great adventure that will be your new married life.
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