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NH Limo: What Kind of Person Drives a Limo?

Have you ever thought about being a NH limo driver? It might seem like a pretty simple job, but it’s not for everyone. There are certain characteristics that a good limo driver has. Some traits are specific to cars and the way you drive, but others depend on other skills and strengths.


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Let’s take a look at some traits of a good limo driver. If this sounds like you, it might be time to start looking into becoming a NH limo driver!


You’re a safe driver.

This is the most important thing. A limo driver’s job is to get the passengers to their destination on time, but everyone has to arrive safely. Part of the experience of riding in a limo is not worrying about the ride, so your passengers always need to feel safe. A limo driver needs not only a clean driving record but also a history of safe and responsible driving.


You know about vehicle maintenance.

Many limo companies require their drivers to be responsible for routine vehicle maintenance. They, of course, need to keep the cars fueled up, and they also keep an eye on oil or coolant levels. If a vehicle needs a repair, the driver may not perform it but is responsible for bringing it to the attention of the person who does.


You care about passenger comfort.

Being a safe driver will make your passengers comfortable in your car, but it always helps to go the extra mile. Small gestures like putting bottled water in the backseat or introducing yourself when passengers arrive put everyone at ease and show that you care about your passengers’ comfort.


You’re great at planning and communicating.

An important part of being a limo driver is having excellent communication and planning skills. A limo driver has to plan the best route and be able to adapt it when something comes up. If a driver has multiple trips in one day, careful planning to ensure all passengers are picked up and arrive on time is key. Communicating changes in plans to passengers and the limo company is also part of a limo driver’s job. If you have to change your route, you have to explain that clearly, while assuring your passengers that their plans won’t be disrupted.


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