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5 Myths About Renting A Boston Party Bus

No matter how many reliable limo and party bus companies there are, it’s always the bad experiences you remember. Of course, we understand why this happens. Bad experiences with any company can deter you from using that service again, and this stands true with any business. At A-Executive Limousine, we want you to know that if you’ve been contemplating renting a Boston party bus but are hesitant to commit, there are a few myths you should be aware of.


Renting a Boston party bus is too expensive.

Depending on the amount of time and passengers attending, party buses can be one of the most reasonably priced modes of transportation. Before you’re deterred by the overall price, consider the number of contributors at hand and divide accordingly. In most cases, party buses hold more passengers making the cost less than other types of limousines.


Many transportation companies are unreliable.

Unfortunately, some companies are not dependable. However, one bad experience should not blanket an entire industry. By hoping online and asking around, you can quickly learn which companies you can (or can not) rely on to be on time and deliver promised services.


Party buses are not cleaned well.

Again, working with the right company is essential. When you rent a Boston party bus from A-Executive, you will immediately notice how much time and effort is put into making our fleet immaculate before every service.


There are no rules on a party bus.

Contrary to popular belief, many limo companies hold extremely high standards. From policies regarding cancellations, reservations, and active use, every detail is covered. Ask questions and do research, so you’re aware of expectations before your party bus arrives.


A party bus is only for special occasions.

One of the best things about a Boston party bus is there doesn’t have to be a reason to rent one! Whether you’re celebrating a wedding, prom, bachelor or bachelorette party, corporate event or simply need a ride to a destination, A-Executive is here for you.


At A-Executive Limousine, we are proud to run Boston’s original party buses: the Bostonian Buses. There is a reason we have been around since 1988 and continue to go strong. We believe in breaking the stigma surrounding party buses with professional and dependable service.

For pricing and availability, please contact A-Executive Limousine today at (800) 287-2527. We are proud to be the number one choice when renting a Boston party bus.

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