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Make Sure You’ve Found a Good NH Limousine Company

So, you’re looking to rent a NH limousine for your big event. How will you know it is the right one? Not all limousines—or limo companies—are the same. Most limo companies do much heavy lifting behind the scenes. They clean and keep their limos well-maintained and in tip-top shape. There are those, however, who put in a less-than-stellar effort, and you never really know until you are left stranded on the side of the road on your big night out. So, what should you be looking for before you rent your limo?


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Here’s what you should do to ensure that you’re hiring a NH limousine from a reputable company.


Check their licenses and permits.

You need to take the time to check out your ride before the big day. Even checking to ensure that the vehicle has the proper state license is important. You want to know that your state has officially sanctioned your limo company. Make sure all other licenses or permits are current for what you are looking for.


Ask about the mileage.

Always check the odometer. Ideally, you will want a limo with less than 200K miles on it. Cars with high mileage are more likely to have problems, and you don’t want car trouble to play a part in your night out. Check for dents and scratches as well as for rust underneath. You can’t take any chances with your big night.


Take a look at the interior.

You want to ensure that you’re in for a comfy ride. If you are renting a stretch, ask a driver to get in and turn on the heat or the air conditioning, depending on the season. Generally, the back of the stretch doesn’t have that great of a circulation situation, so if the air or heat goes down, you will be in for a rather miserable big night. Also, make sure all of the interior lights are working.

The interior of the limo should be extremely clean and smell nice. Most companies take great pains to clean up after their guests but check for cleanliness anyway. Also, you don’t want the car to smell. Knowing what you are renting before your special occasion arrives may save you a lot of headaches and will ensure that your special night will be just that.


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