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Exactly how long have limos been around?

Limo in Massachusetts from A-ExecutiveThe automobile has been around for well over a century and is an intricate part of everyone’s lives. In the early years of the Twentieth Century, Henry Ford had made the automobile affordable for the masses and, by the 1920’s, they were everywhere in America. The limousine, too, made its first appearance during the legendary Roaring 20’s.

  • The early 1920’s saw new entrepreneurial endeavors. Some thought that, given the right price, people would pay to be driven around town in a luxury automobile rather than to deal with the often chaotic taxi industry of the time. They rolled out Cadillac’s and Packard’s, with properly attired and trained drivers, and the rest became history.
  • Certain auto makers saw a burgeoning class of new wealth begin to emerge at the time and began manufacturing luxury limousine vehicles especially to meet the demand of this new wealthy class. Also during the 1920’s, the hearse made its first appearance. They were deliberately styled after limousines so that they would stand out among the procession of ordinary vehicles.
  • During the Great Depression of the 1930’s, and through World War II, the limousine industry, like just about everyone else, took a serious hit. Even pioneer limo makers forced to close down his factories at this time. The 1940’s, however saw a resurgence as limo’s could be seen everywhere on the streets of the great US metropolitan cities such as New York, Chicago, and, especially, Los Angeles and Hollywood.
  • The 1970’s saw another expansion of the limousine industry. As taxi drivers went on strike in New York City, limousines were soon seen everywhere as executives rode in them to get to their jobs on Wall Street. Because of that, limo’s became firmly entrenched everywhere; seen outside the great cities.
  • Finally, beginning in the 1980’s, limousines were fast becoming a common mode of transport for everyone as the pricing structure struck a chord and put them within reach of everyone. Today, they are everywhere from proms and weddings, to corporate functions and meetings, to girls nights out.
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