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Do You Need a Car Seat in Boston Limos?

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One of the most commonly asked questions that we hear at A-Executive Limousine concerns child safety.  Often, people will utilize our services for weddings, family gathering transportation, or other kid-friendly events.  Thus, arises the question of whether or not a car seat is required for our Boston limo services.  Although laws are continually changing, the information below is accurate as of the date of article posting.


  • The first thing you need to know about limousines is that they are classified with commercial types of vehicles. Because of that, they are not held to the same requirements that private vehicles are.

  • While your private car must have child restraints in place, commercial vehicles are not required to provide such safety features and equipment for children.  For instance, public school buses have no seat belts.  A topic of much debate for several years.

  • More specifically, in Massachusetts, a passenger in a motor vehicle under the age of 8 must be fastened and secured by a child passenger restraint.

  • Unless, of course, that child is over 57 inches in height.

  • Children, regardless of height, must wear a seat belt until the age of 13.

  • Because of these regulations, many parents are concerned with the safety of holding their child in their lap while the limo is being driven.

  • Crash test research has shown time and again that a child can be flung from your arms in a collision at only 6 MPH.

  • Studies have concluded that any child under the height of 4’9” is too small for a regular passenger seat. Even if you restrain them with a seatbelt, they can easily dislodge with sudden impact.

  • Most limousine companies do, however, have child safety seats that you can reserve your trip.

  • If requesting a company’s restraint, be sure to specify the weight of your child as all seats are different.

  • Further, ask which brand of seat they can provide and the expiration date of the seat.  This will allow you to research online any potential recalls or safety factors that may be of concern.

  • When in doubt, bring your own child passenger restraint to ensure the safety of your little ones.

When in doubt, it is always acceptable to bring along your own car seat in Boston limos.  The safety of your little ones is of the utmost importance not only to you but for us here at A-Executive Limousine.  Our team is happy to assist with any special requests you may have to ensure the safest and most memorable trip!  Visit us online to learn more about how we stand above our competition, or give us a call at 800.287.2527.

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