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Creating The Perfect Playlist For Your Boston Party Bus

No matter what the occasion for a Boston party bus or limo is, it is essential that you have the right music for the event to boost the mood and morale of your guests. Anyone can agree that music is powerful. The right music can change the mood within seconds of it starting. Our team at A-Executive is here to help you pick the right playlists for your events.


What’s The Occasion?

When picking the perfect music playlist for your event, considering the destination is a must. Think of it this way. You go to a fancy restaurant for lunch and expect them to be playing slow classical music. However, you walk into the restaurant and see a full DJ set up in the back, and they are playing Pitbull loudly over the speakers. How do you think their customers would look to see their dinner date being turned into a rave. I would bet that they did not look comfortable. This is the type of power that the kind of music you choose to play has such a strong power over the mood. If the event or occasion is fun, match the music to be fun too.


Enhance The Theme Of The Event

Whatever the event’s theme is, you need to make sure that the music can fit it. It is almost the same as the music needing to fit the mood. Make the playlist fun by adding a theme to the songs that you place on the playlist. A good example of this would be if you are picking a playlist of a bachelorette party. Carrie Underwoods Before He Cheats may not be a good choice to fit the theme. However, songs like Crazy In Love by Beyonce or Wanna Be by the Spice Girls might be a better choice. 

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Take Requests

Chances are that not everyone will be into the same music as you or the music that you want to put onto the playlist. Send out a text or email to everyone who will be joining the party, asking them what kind of music they would like to hear during the ride there. The playlist might be all over the place as everyone has different tastes, but everyone will be happy as it is a mix of everyone’s favorites. 


It’s Party Time

Now that you have your playlist ready, it is time to call A-Executive Limo. We have a large fleet of premium rental options available that are sure to meet your Boston party bus and limo needs. Contact us today to start planning your event at (800) 287-2527.


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