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Bored? Boston Limo Rental Meets Scavenger Hunt.


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Coming from an unprecedented time into yet another summer where life is still not ‘normal,’ many are looking for new avenues. Tired of sitting at home, missing the social life, and getting out and about is a drag. Often, when small gatherings do still get together, finding something to do that everyone is comfortable with can be challenging. That is until the Boston limo rental met up with the ultimate scavenger hunt.

Boston is a city of endless wonders and sights – even if you can’t go inside! Planning a scavenger hunt with a small group of friends or family could be just the thing your soul is craving.



Start with a theme.

While you could roam the city for hours, starting with a theme will help keep your adventure on track. Consider narrowing down your hunt to some of the most popular restaurants, a specific area like the Back Bay, a sports theme, trails and history, historic buildings, famous pieces of art and statues, etc.

Again, you want to prepare knowing that not all locations are open. Instead of gathering items, create a photo collage for your hunt checklist.



Pick a centralized location.

Once your theme is established, it’s time to map out the fun. Make a list of all appropriate locations. Then, you will want to narrow down the choices with places that are near one another. Try to select 3-4 places in every area of town. This way, you can still enjoy being in the limo while out and about!

Put things on your list that people are likely to bump into while they are riding around. Some suggestions may be a particular building in town or perhaps a stop sign, a police car, or someone walking their dog. Make sure you have a time limit for when everyone must return to the designated rendezvous point.


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A limo in Boston is an excellent way to dust off the cobwebs and reunite with those you are missing! While your scavenger hunt may need to be modified for the times, the possibilities are still endless! For more ideas or pricing, contact A-Executive Limousine today by calling  (800) 287-2527.


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