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Boston Limo: An Option for Any Occasion

When it comes to planning for events, some details should never be overlooked. Knowing all the information about your destination is important, but it’s also essential to know how you are going to get there, especially if you plan on using any form of car service. At A-Executive, we offer a variety of options, so we have the Boston limo to match your event, budget, and seating needs.


Boston limo

At A-Executive, we have a Boston limo for every occasion. Let’s take a look at the options.


Town Car or SUV

Are you looking to go into the city or to the airport with one or two people but don’t want to be bothered with parking and other hassles? Our discreet and stylish cars are what you need. Choose one of our town cars or SUVs so you can relax as we take you to your destination.


Small Limo

Maybe a few of your friends decided you wanted to rent a limo for the next Celtics game, or you’re going to a concert at Gillette. Whatever the case, you can travel like royalty in one of our limos that seats 1-10 passengers, depending on the model.


Stretch Limo

Your friends decided to celebrate your birthday or New Year’s in a big way and are looking to rent a large limousine! Our Hummer limo seats 16-20 passengers, while our Excursion seats 10-14. Both models are easy to get in and out of and make a big statement when you arrive at the door.


Coach or Party buses

These are great options for weddings. Not only can they fit large wedding parties, but they are also often easier to enter and exit while wearing long or big dresses. Plus, they offer just a bit more wiggle room. Our coach options range from 14-24 passengers and offer all the same amenities as a traditional limo.


Need a Boston Limo? Get A-Executive!

A-Executive Limo has any vehicle option you might need for a Boston Limo. Our fleet is not only expansive, but it is also well-maintained and offers the best luxuries around for your event.


Questions about our Boston limo options? Give us a call today at (800) 287-2527.

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