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boston party bus

4 Reasons to Rent a Boston Party Bus

boston party bus

When researching limo companies, you probably noticed that most of them offer party bus rentals as well. They are a popular way for friends to get around on a weekend night and celebrate whether they have a reason to or not! At A-Executive Limousine, we offer both large and small Boston party bus rentals so our customers can get to and from their destinations with ease.


Here are four reasons why renting a Boston party bus is a great idea for your next event.


It fits all of your guests.

Limos are fun, but squeezing a lot of people into one can get tight. With a party bus, you will never feel like you have to leave friends out of the fun because we have enough room for everyone. Our party buses can hold anywhere between 14 and 24 passengers, so you can have a great time with all your favorite people.


It’s affordable.

With the ability to fit so many people on a single bus, it becomes even more reasonable to split the cost of the rental. When all of your friends pitch in, it will hardly seem like a splurge at all!


It’s convenient.

If you’ve ever been out for a night in Boston, you’ll know that finding parking is difficult and expensive, and it can separate you from the rest of your friends. Party buses save you time and money because you don’t have to worry about remembering where you park or finding your friends afterward. You just get in and ride, and we’ll pick you up when you’re ready to go.


It’s safer.

Coordinating designated drivers or taxis with even a few people can be stressful, and it can quickly become dangerous if someone intoxicated gets behind the wheel. A-Executive Limo’s first concern is our customers’ safety, and we will be sure to get you to and from your destination in one piece.


Rent a Boston Party Bus from A-Executive Limo

For a great time out with all your friends, a Boston party bus is the transportation you need. Forget the hassle of coordinating rides and finding somewhere to park. Just hop on, and our experienced and careful drivers will get you where you need to go.


Contact us at (800) 287-2527 to reserve a Boston party bus for your next bash!

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